Introducing Midnight Cookie Co

Introducing Midnight Cookie Co.
Say Hello to Seattle Late Night Cookie Delivery!

Introducing Midnight Cookie Co., Seattle’s first late night cookie delivery service providing confectionary satisfaction in the form of cookies, coffee, and ice cream delivered until 3am! We’re not like any other cookie shop, coffee shop, or late night delivery operation – we’re all of the above plus more!

Founded in January 2017 by two college buddies with a love of making cookies and staying up late, Midnight Cookie Co. aims to satisfy that late night sweet tooth by providing delicious home-style cookies topped off with local coffee & ice cream. We serve over a dozen different types of cookies and nine local ice cream flavors (with vegan options), so you can pick and choose your favorites!

Launching Early February 2017: Pick up the phone, order online, or open your favorite delivery app and give us a try!

Baked From Scratch Daily in Our West Seattle Bakery

We leverage our own home-grown recipes and scale them in our West Seattle commercial bakery.  Since cookies are our cornerstone, we believe in using only the highest quality ingredients including Ghirardelli® chocolates, name brand candies, and love (aka butter).

Seattle Delivery Partner Network

Seattle has a myriad of delivery apps providing tasty noms on command from the convenience of your device of choice. At Midnight Cookie Co., we believe in freedom of choice; as such, we provide online ordering directly through our website as well as through our delivery partner network. On launch day, we will be providing online ordering via UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, BiteSquad, and DoorDash (with more to come!).  We deliver within a 5-mile radius of our Wallingford store (98103) with slight territory variances per each delivery partner.


Proudly Serving Local Seattle Flavors

We pride ourselves in sourcing locally and serving some of Seattle’s best local flavors from our friends at Full Tilt Ice Cream and Light House Coffee Roasters. We serve a variety of delicious ice cream flavors and locally roasted coffee to make your next midnight snack memorable.


Wallingford Late Night Coffee Shop

Come hang out with us, grab a cookie, and sip a delicious espresso until 3am at our Wallingford store (1058 N 39th St.). We love to network with the local community, and we strive to provide a unique and comfortable environment for night owls just like us.

Bonus: Want to get feedback on your next great idea? Come in and chat with a CPA and an MBA starting at $1.50! (where else can you find mediocre consulting at those rates?!)


Cookies for Your Next Event

One thing that we know for a fact is that everyone loves cookies! If you’re looking to make your next event extra sweet, drop us a line and we can help create custom cookie platters at discount bulk pricing. Though late night is our specialty, we would be happy to get up early to help make your next event a bit sweeter. Please feel free to contact us and tell us about your next event!


Coming Soon – Early February 2017 🙂

We are extremely excited to launch in early February. Currently crossing our T’s, dotting our I’s, and making copious amounts of test cookies, see you soon!

In the meantime, subscribe to get cookie coupons on opening day, and follow-us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest and greatest!


Midnight Cookie Co.

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